About Wells Cutting Edge

Wells Cutting Edge began in the early years of the Wells Family. Shelten would go around in a Ford Taurus with his mom for a few years until he was able to drive. He then would use a 1971 Chevrolet truck C-20 to get from lawn to lawn. He chose to serve a mission for his church. During the 2 years he was gone his brothers and sisters would continue to take care of a handful of clients. When he returned he picked up where he had left off. He was ready to make a career of the lawn care industry. 5 years into mowing he realized he could do so much more for his clients. He noticed that many contractors would not communicate with clients. They would not stand behind their name. He saw a need in the industry. Even if it was just more communication and standing behind his work he knew he could make a difference. He pursued a landscape contractors license and began to landscape. He then paired up with his dad and mom again along with another partner, Mitch Linford. Mitch would eventually run the operations of the business with the crews. Ronna, would keep track of the books and Hal, would take care of all the machinery and vehicles. We have been landscaping for quite a few years now. We offer lawn care, landscaping, sprinkler maintenance, Holiday Lighting and one of our favorite services, Trimlight. A permanent lighting solution. We love our customers and look forward to working with many wonderful clients in the future.


Our mission is to provide our customers with a single source for all grounds maintenance, landscape installation, and holiday decorating. We will meet or exceed expectations. We will do this in terms that develop long-term customer relationships.

We are a full Landscape Management company. Everything from Installing your dream property to managing every little detail on your property. When the Holidays roll around we are that company you want to call to take care of those decorating needs. From lighting to decorations we can help. We take pride in our name by making sure the work is done right the first time. We look forward to making your property above the cutting edge